Dupree Talks About Court Investigation

Hattiesburg Police tell us some employees lied…. helped criminals… withheld information…. and took bribes for dismissing tickets, fines and warrants.
In a press release from Hattiesburg Police it shows judges were signing blank court documents for court clerks to fill out at their discretion, judges dispositions — which are their written legal decisions — were also being changed by court clerks… in order to allow defendants out of jail or for reduced fine amounts.
Mayor Johnny Dupree speaks out about the investigation.

“I’m not going to go specific Malary, i’m not going to do that you know because i’ve made my statements and if yall want to go tit for tat on that i’m not gonna do that.” That was Dupree’s response after reporter Malary Pullen tried to ask about allegations made against the four clerks that were being investigated.