The Sun Herald, 8/10/8

Fighting earmarks has been a major part of Democratic Senate hopeful Ronnie Musgrove’s platform, as he accuses his opponent, interim Republican U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker, of peddling pork and contributing to a ballooning national debt.

But the Wicker campaign, as well as one political watcher, contend Mississippi, often referred to as the poorest state in the nation, needs federal dollars for projects that might otherwise be unfunded.

In the race to replace Trent Lott, who retired late last year, Musgrove is taking the route of being a fiscal conservative, while Wicker’s campaign intends to hit Musgrove over what they see as his failed gubernatorial record. Wicker supporters say if Musgrove couldn’t win re-election as governor in 2003, he likely can’t win a U.S. Senate seat.