Democratic candidate for Governor John Eaves responded today to Governor Haley Barbour’s slim plan for Mississippi’s future, a plan that does not include a way to provide health care for every Mississippi child.

Eaves said, “Barbour’s agenda is four years too late for Mississippi. He didn’t need 22 pages because his plan offers more of the same, four more years without grocery tax relief, four more years of cuts to healthcare, and four more years without school prayer or fully funded education. It’s not a record Haley should brag about. We need to shake things up. I’ll bring Republicans and Democrats together to change Mississippi. Invest in Mississippi businesses first, not just foreign companies. Provide health insurance for every Mississippi child, and raise teacher pay to attract the best teachers. And most importantly, I’ll bring back school prayer.”

“His health care proposal is laughable,” continued Eaves. “Barbour tried to kick 65,000 children and elderly off of Medicaid, and we have 150,000 kids without health care in this state. My plan, KidCare, would ensure every Mississippi child has health care. It’s affordable, voluntary, and saves the state money in the long run. I’d like to welcome Barbour to the party, but he’s a few years too late.”

“Haley says he’s kept his promises, but to whom? Barbour has used the office of Governor to enrich his friends, family, lobbying clients, and himself. He got a multimillion dollar Katrina contract for his niece, and now she’s under investigation by the FBI for fraud. He had a chance to lower our grocery tax and sided with big tobacco instead. It’s a question of who do you serve? I’ll serve my Creator by serving the people of Mississippi, and no one else,” concluded Eaves.

John Arthur Eaves, Jr., Campaign Release