Eccentric Leach ready to lead Red Raiders to ultimate treasure
LUBBOCK, Texas — Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach ripped the plastic wrapper from his newest pirate flag and carefully unfolded it to reveal an image of a blood-red skeleton on a black background.
“It’s kind of a semi-perfect Red Raider flag, but he’s not my favorite guy,” Leach said of Edward Low, the notorious 18th-century pirate who was known to savagely torture his victims before killing them. “But can’t you imagine? There’s some guy sitting on the ship deck, who has had way too much rum to drink, saying, ‘Here, give me some red paint; I’ll fix it up!'”

Can’t you imagine Leach standing on the field at Dolphin Stadium in Miami on the night of Jan. 8, holding a Waterford crystal trophy high above his head, smiling at the rest of the college football world with an eat-you-know-what grin?