Ed Peters/Bobby Delaughter records in Eaton case may be released soon

Former Hinds County District Attorney Ed Peters’ alleged improper influence of a Hinds County circuit judge in another case could soon become public, based on a recent court ruling.

Peters’ relationship with Bobby DeLaughter, before DeLaughter resigned in 2009, already has been scrutinized in a judicial bribery case that sent the judge and once prominent lawyer Dickie Scruggs to federal prison. Peters’ grand jury testimony in the Scruggs case was made public this week.

This other case involving DeLaughter is about the alleged theft of trade secrets. Eaton Corp. sued five former engineers, accusing them of stealing secrets from Eaton’s Jackson facility and taking them to rival Frisby Aerospace in North Carolina when they started working there in January 2002. Frisby is now known as Triumph Actuation Systems.

Clarion Ledger