Editorial: Car tag ball in legislative court

The specter of paying more for your car tags may not be high on the public radar yet but state legislators and county officials are well aware of the situation.

The increase is a direct result of the decline in new car sales, according to the state tax commission and numerous local government officials.

With car sales at their lowest in years the Mississippi State Tax Commission has decided to decrease the percentage of tax reimbursement, which keeps the price of car tags lower for county residents, said Kathy Waterbury, spokesperson for the Mississippi State Tax Commission.

Waterbury said each time a new car is sold a percentage of tax on that sale is sent to the Tax Commission who in turn sends that money to each county.

Pearl River County Tax Collector Gary Beech laid out the problem facing local governments when the reduction in the state car tag discount goes into effect July 1, 2009.

The Picayune Item