Lawmakers begin budget work

Supporters of the Initiative 42 school funding ballot initiative have called lawmakers’ threats of cuts to other budgets if it passes “political scare tactics.”

Reeves said he’s confident voters will not pass Initiative 42, but said preparing for other cuts if it does is the responsible thing for lawmakers to do…

…The agency currently providing health care for 781,669 Mississippians is requesting an extra $71 million to make it through the end of this fiscal year. This would bring its spending to $1.04 billion, a more than 7 percent increase over its current budget. The agency is asking for $1.04 billion for next year, but its spending is often a moving target, depending on how many people are enrolled and the amount of care they need.

Sen. Terry Burton, R-Newton, and other lawmakers on Monday lamented that federal mandates and money matching requirements give states little control over Medicaid expenses.