Eight Lessons: College football playoff? No way

Look back at the last month of football in the Big 12 and ask yourself, do we really need a playoff? Look back at the dominance of Alabama and Florida in the SEC and ask yourself, do we really need a playoff? Go back and watch the Penn State loss to Iowa, and, between the roughly 87 shots of Joe Paterno coaching from the press box, ask yourself, do we really need a playoff? The answer is no. The season is a playoff within itself. And it’s never been more evident. Just add a couple conference championship games here and there and poof, problem solved – the best of both worlds.

(1) Big 12 pool play

I’m not shy to admit it, I am an SEC homer. I love watching it. I love covering it. I even, sometimes, love the voice of Verne Lundquist on Saturday afternoons. That being said, the Big 12 is better. From top to bottom, pound to pound, I can’t deny this fact. Don’t believe me? Look at what this conference has done on a national level this year. Texas over Oklahoma was just a tease of what was to come, and Oklahoma State stunned Missouri on the road to set up the round robin tournament that is currently being played out in the Big 12 South.