Elections Officials Urge Mississippians to Go Vote

Mississippians will head to the polls in only four days. And MPB’s Daniel Cherry reports how the state’s top election official is urging all registered voters to get out on voting day.

Every election year, Mississippi students get their chance to vote for the candidates in a mock election. This year, out of more than 100 thousand K through 12 students, 56 percent went for President Obama, 44 percent voted for Governor Mitt Romney. Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann oversees Mississippi’s elections. Hosemann, a Republican, is glad to get young Mississippians involved, but he’d like to see a different outcome next week.

“Who knows? They all voted. It was a free and fair election. They think what they think. And many of them had debates. Local debtes, in the classroom. Some would be President Obama, some would be Governor Romney so this is a very healthy thing.”