Emmitt Smith after football: From All-Pro to all business

CANTON, Ohio – There’s an image Emmitt Smith evokes when he speaks about what he has done and where he wants to go.
Think of running water, the way it flushes and cleans. Always moving, always changing. Now, contrast that to a stagnant pond infested with gnats and mosquitoes.
That’s what happens when you stand around too long.
Smith did not become the leading rusher in NFL history by standing still. He will not become the 12th Cowboy welcomed into the Pro Football Hall of Fame because he settled for good enough.
This weekend is a time to reflect on a remarkable career in which he amassed 18,355 rushing yards and three Super Bowl titles. It is a time to celebrate the running back’s athletic achievements.

But No. 22 no longer lives in the world of lead draws and touchdown runs. Smith’s daily vocabulary consists of phrases such as asset management and infill development.