Louisiana State University Endowed Chair of Banking and nationallyrenowned
economist Dr. Joseph R. Mason estimates that the first six months of the Obama
administration’s moratorium on oil and natural gas exploration in the Gulf of Mexico will
trigger a loss of more than 8,000 jobs, nearly $500 million in wages, and over $2.1 billion in
economic activity in the Gulf region alone.

“The data are clear. The moratorium will cost the Gulf Coast region jobs, money, and economic
development. In fact, the moratorium could be more costly, than the oil spill itself,” Dr. Mason
said. “The region is already struggling from devastating losses from Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane
Gustav, and the nation’s depressed economy. By stifling one of the area’s primary economic engines, the
administration is crippling the local economy and risking long term consequences.”

Dr. Mason’s paper, entitled “The Economic Cost of a Moratorium on Offshore Oil and Gas
Exploration to the Gulf Region,” also outlined the “spill-over” effect the moratorium would
have on the greater national economy. According to the study, the United States will see a net
loss of 12,000 jobs in the six months – a number which could grow to 36,000 over the next year.
Additionally, Dr. Mason estimates that the US economy will lose about $2.8 billion in economic
activity and the federal treasuries will lose about $220 million in lost tax revenue.

“We need to find ways to save U.S. energy jobs, not cut them,” president and CEO of the American
Energy Alliance Tom Pyle said. “The administration’s moratorium will devastate the economies of
Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and Alabama and will cost thousands of people their jobs and harm
families nationwide. Now that the oil spill has been capped, it’s time to stop the jobs spill. For the good of
the families throughout the Gulf region and our nation’s energy security, the Obama administration
must lift the moratorium and get the Gulf back to work.”

The report also warned against the worst case scenario — a permanent moratorium on all oil
and natural gas production in the Gulf of Mexico — which would lead to nationwide economic
losses in excess of $95 billion and more than 400,000 jobs.

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