Phil Bryant for Lt. Governor
eNewsletter 16
September 27, 2007

Countdown to the Election 40 Days

e-Video Message from Phil – Central Mississippi Friends of the NRA Banquet

Phil was honored to be the master of ceremonies at the 2007 Central Mississippi Friends of the NRA Banquet in Jackson. Phil received the Kirk Fordice Freedom Award in 2005 from the Central Chapter for his longtime support of the 2nd Amendment.

Policy Spotlight
Over the next six weeks leading up to the election, Friends of Phil Bryant will be highlighting a few of his policies in the weekly newsletter.

Expanding Economic Opportunities for All Mississippians

Phil Bryant believes that every Mississippian should have the opportunity to achieve economic well-being for themselves and their family. There is a role for state government in helping individuals and businesses reach the goal of economic success. The Bryant Campaign has proposed a number of ideas and initiatives toward that goal.

Perform a total review of the Mississippi Tax Code to ensure fairness and accountability.
Continue working to rebuild the Gulf Coast.
Help more Mississippians achieve the dream of home ownership by providing a $1000 state tax credit for first-time home buyers.
Support a Gulf of Mexico Economic Development Region between all Gulf Coast states from Texas to Florida for partnering in attracting economic development opportunities utilizing the Gulf of Mexico.
Increase funding for Mississippi’s tourism promotion to ensure that all of Mississippi is marketed as a destination.
Integrated workforce development with industry.
Town Square Retail Development Zones
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In the News

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How can I Help?
An often overlooked way of getting involved in a campaign is by word of mouth. Supporters of Phil Bryant can enter this next leg of the campaign supporting Phil by letting their friends and family know the reasons why you are a supporter and encouraging them to get involved with you.

Visit for more information about volunteering, donations, writing letters to your editor, requesting materials and how to tell your friends about Phil Bryant for Lieutenant Governor.

Join the Fun
Join Phil’s groups on MySpace and Facebook to endorse your favorite candidate, chat with fellow supporters and get messages on the future of the campaign. You must be a member of MySpace and Facebook to be able to have access and join these groups.

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