Environment, not the coach, the problem

I don’t have any idea who the next head football coach at Auburn will be. Some intriguing candidates have been mentioned in recent days, including Buffalo’s Turner Gill, Tulsa’s Todd Graham and TCU’s Gary Patterson.

But it’s hard to say who would be the best fit.
Maybe that’s because it’s not just the candidates who should be evaluated.
Perhaps the first step Auburn officials should take should be in reverse. It wouldn’t be a bad idea for them to take a few steps back and look at the environment in which the new football coach will have to work. Getting that right, it seems, would go a long way in aiding the possibility of success for the new hire.
A search for a new coach wouldn’t be taking place if former coach Tommy Tuberville, whose record at the school ranks him as one of Auburn’s all-time best, had worked in an environment that didn’t include not-so-subtle doubts raised by a few supporters