Epps: Saban shows faith in Tide; Fulmer punts

KNOXVILLE — One coach called for a punt on fourth-and-1 in the first quarter, again on fourth-and-short in his opponent’s territory and yet again on fourth-and-1 in the third quarter.
The other coach kept his offense on the field facing fourth-and-1 at the other team’s 3.
One of the coaches was trying to save his job and his season, upset the nation’s second-ranked team and beat his most hated rival. It was not the coach you would think.

No, Tennessee’s Phillip Fulmer essentially told his beleaguered offense, an offense in desperate need of confidence, he did not believe in them during the 29-9 loss. He had no faith. When Fulmer calls for a punt on fourth-and-short from the Alabama 48, how do you think the mood changes on the sideline? How do you think members of the offense feel?