Was This a Coordinated Hit on Chris McDaniel?

The Cochran campaign, DC reporters with a close relationship to the NRSC, and the Mississippi press all worked very fast to tar and feather the McDaniel campaign.

I have to wonder if this was coordinated. I ask because the situation came to light due to a press release from the Madison, MS police department. But the Madison Police Department does not issue press releases with any regularity.

There are precisely three from 2013. And they are all crime statistics. There were 15 from 2012. There have been zero in 2014 until now. And this one was not even put on the Madison, MS Police Department’s website.

We’re all the way to mid-May of 2014, there are zero press releases from the Madison, MS Police Department, and suddenly they release this one that does not identify a victim.

The ball starts rolling.

Erick Erickson