BREAKING: People Read Blogs in Mississippi. NRSC Blames Chris McDaniel For Mississippi Literacy.

However, today it is necessary to explain what the story actually is in order to put into context what happened overnight.

It appears some freak in Mississippi, emboldened by the Cochran family’s personal situation, decided to sneak into the nursing home to videotape Mrs. Cochran. Some people don’t have the good sense God gave even tree frogs.

The story got picked up by Jackson Jambalaya, a friend’s political blog, before midnight Friday night. Kingfish has posted here at RedState on occasion.

According to Kingfish, he intentionally posted this at the end of the original:

Hmmm….. in other words he “allegedly” sneaked into St. Catherine’s Village and took pictures of someone. Who is the victim? Is there more to the story?

Like many politicos in Mississippi, Kingfish already knew who the victim was because of the name of the nursing home. Among those serious into politics in Mississippi, this was already known. Just look at the comments to his post. At 12:16 a.m. this morning someone commented

Let’s see how they try and defend this one. These people truly are [email protected]$ s%÷t crazy!!

Clearly someone suspected there was politically motivated. By 5:23 a.m., there was this comment directly linking the incident to Cochran vis-a-vis Kay Webber:

Hmmm. Could be politics at play here. First; the aide is jet setting around the world at taxpayer expense. Now this………

[Emphasis added]

At 6:44 a.m. there was this:

Somebody help. Is Clayton Kelly anybody? I’m guessing he “allegedly” photographed the wife of someone with significant name recognition. He looks like someone I wouldn’t let near my kids…. Or my grandparents now. But other than that, who is this slovenly-looking POS?

[Emphasis added]

Shortly before 8:00 a.m. this morning, someone from the McDaniel campaign reached out to Senator Cochran to condemn what had happened. Everybody knew who the victim was and it is clear by even the comments on this blog that were posted before sun up.

After 9 o’clock this morning, the Clarion-Ledger confirmed that Mrs. Cochran was the victim. At that time, the NRSC, the Thad Cochran campaign, and others began attacking Chris McDaniel. They claimed he must have been involved because he knew it was Mrs. Cochran before the media reported it.

In other words, it was well known before the Clarion-Ledger’s report that Mrs. Cochran was involved. Chris McDaniel’s campaign called to assure Senator Cochran that no one from the McDaniel campaign was involved. Then the Cochran campaign and NRSC decided to exploit the show of concern for political gain by lying about who knew what.

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