‘Escape artist’ Norwood also true outdoorsman

Jerious Norwood makes a living escaping. As a third-year running back for the Atlanta Falcons of the NFL, he’s known for the kind of speed that gets you noticed (he ran a blistering 4.33 at the 2006 combine) and for breaking off big runs in the fourth quarter (in 2006, he ranked second behind Chiefs running back Larry Johnson for most yards gained in the fourth quarter).
That’s what Jerious Norwood does. But it’s not who he is.
The real Jerious Norwood — the one you don’t see suited up on Sundays — grew up hunting and fishing in his hometown of Jackson, Miss. Raised by his grandmother, Norwood recalls a childhood where escaping meant going fishing with his brother and two uncles, instilling a love for the outdoors in him that has only increased with time.