Report: Diamondhead City Council violated Open Meetings Act

The Diamondhead City Council violated the Open Meetings Act when four members met with the State Auditor to review a performance audit of the city. That’s according to a report filed by a hearing officer with the Mississippi Ethics Commission.

The report is the result of a complaint filed by Councilwoman Nancy Depreo. Depreo alleges four council members met with the state auditor Jan. 31 without any public notice of the meeting. Depreo also claims she and Mayor Tommy Schafer were unaware of the meeting and were left uninformed of any details from the discussion.

The report says the city council responded to the allegations, admitting four council members met with the auditor to receive information related to the performance audit. The council argues no official action was taken during the meeting, and the same information given to them was previously provided to Depreo and Schafer.