Even Saban can’t control expectations

Is Nick Saban losing his grip? Is the overpowering pressure of following last year’s perfect 12-0 regular season and No. 1 ranking getting to Mr. SMPC (Sport’s Most Powerful Coach, according to Forbes)? Could a major media meltdown be just around the corner?
With the A-Day scrimmage fast approaching — and the fact ESPN will show it live to the free world — is Saban starting to get a little fidgety about a team picked to finish in the nation’s top five, one that conceivably could have trouble winning its own division?

With Saban, it’s always problematic to peer inside that opaque shield he wears attached to his face. However, one thing he has seemingly always been able to control in Tuscaloosa — expectations of the fan base — could possibly be slipping away. Once this happens, it can be difficult to get the genie back in the bottle.