Ex-Miss. congressman, soccer coach file complaints following scuffle

Pickering said in a statement today that Hester “verbally abused and physically intimidated my son, visibly upsetting my son to the point of uncontrollable crying.”

He said he approached the coach, who was sitting in his vehicle, and asked him not to address his son “in such a manner again.” “I did not say anything further to him, nor did I ever threaten him.”

Pickering said the coach got out of the coach’s vehicle and attacked and assaulted him. “I was forced to defend myself by restraining him,” Pickering said.

In addition to filing a complaint with law enforcement, Pickering said he also was filing a complaint with the Mississippi State Soccer Association regarding Hester, whom PIckering never names in his statement.

Hester offers a different account of what happened. He told The Associated Press he didn’t know who Pickering was when the politician approached his vehicle. Hester also said he was wearing a neck brace because of a recent surgery when Pickering pulled him from his Nissan Armada. They had to pulled apart by spectators, he said.

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