Coast lawmakers expect fireworks during special session

“It’s extremely critical. We have a budget shortfall and it’s something we have to address,” said Republican State Senator Sean Tindell of Gulfport. “We’ve put it off as long as we can, hoping projections and what’s coming in would change. As it is now, there’s a shortfall and we have to deal with it.”…

…”If they think we’re just going to go up there and say ‘aye’ and come home, they’re wrong. We need information not only for this year’s budget, but for next year, which is going to be worse,” Baria said.

Senator Sean Tindell fully expects a partisan battle to break out during the special session.

“I’m sure some of those on the other side are going to take the opportunity to [stand] against tax cuts and things of that nature. Unfortunately, the economy has not done as well as expected. There are signs that it is bouncing back, but that’s not going to stop them from having a dog and pony show,” said Tindell