Faceoff: Should college coaches prepare their players for the NFL?

Gators coach Urban Meyer has taken heat for not properly preparing Tim Tebow to play QB in the NFL. My colleague Iliana Limon and I debated this point. I say no (and so does South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier): Meyer’s job is to win college football games, not develop pro players.

Iliana says yes: If Urban Meyer really had no obligation to prepare Tim Tebow for the NFL, then he and every other coach in the country defending him should no longer be able to even mention professional football while recruiting high school players.

Gators beat writer Jeremy Fowler had a good story today on the subject as well, listing several of the top coaches in the country and the dud NFL QBs they have coached:

Ohio State’s Jim Tressel? Nope, Craig Krenzel and Troy Smith never flourished.

Alabama’s Nick Saban? He looks for a college game manager, not an NFL star.

Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops might change his luck in this year’s draft with Sam Bradford, but so far, quarterback success in his program doesn’t translate to the pros.