The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, 10/13/8

In the recent senatorial debate between Republican Roger Wicker and Democrat Ronnie Musgrove, it didn’t take long for the failed Mississippi Beef Processors Plant to be mentioned – time and time again.

In a question about the recently approved $700 billion congressional package designed to ease the nation’s current credit crunch, Wicker compared the problem to the beef plant.

He said the problems on Wall Street and with the beef plant “were both examples of corporate greed.” He made it clear he believes the greed in the beef plant case revolved around his opponent.

Wicker spent considerable time during the 60-minute debate Oct. 3 talking about the beef plant. He and groups supporting him in television commercials cite the beef plant as part of what they are trying to depict as a scandal-ridden Musgrove gubernatorial administration.

The Wicker campaign uses the beef plant at least in part to counter Musgrove charges of Wicker’s being beholden to Washington special interests and lobbyists. Musgrove says Wicker has become part of the “pay to play” culture during his 14 years in the U.S. Congress.