Failing to sign Nick Saban altered course of Chicago Bears history
As a bucket of red Gatorade soaked coach Nick Saban at the end of Alabama’s BCS national championship victory over Texas, you didn’t have to be drinking Bears Kool-Aid in Chicago to wonder what might have been. Or for those Bears fans with overactive imaginations who love the “Nicktator,” what still might be at this time next January.

It was six years ago this weekend that Jerry Angelo and Ted Phillips made the job pitch to Saban at his Baton Rouge, La., home within days of Saban’s LSU team winning the BCS title game. Angelo and Saban had coached together on the same Syracuse staff in the 1970s and remained close.

If Angelo and the Bears had applied the same money-is-no-factor philosophy to decisions about the head-coaching position then that they espoused in keeping Lovie Smith last Tuesday, Saban may have beaten Smith to the Halas Hall podium in 2004.