Failure to expand Medicaid would be costly mistake

The opposition to Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act has steadfastly maintained that states cannot afford to expand medical coverage to their uninsured, low-income residents. So it is big news that the RAND Corp. this month released a report finding that not expanding Medicaid will in fact cost states millions more each year.

RAND economists analyzed the financial repercussions of 14 states currently resisting Medicaid expansion. One of the 14 is Mississippi, where we await some action on Medicaid before it expires June 30.

The RAND report concludes that failing to expand Medicaid will result in more state spending on uncompensated care: about $1 billion more per year for the 14 states.

This $1 billion in costs is in addition to the $8.4 billion that the 14 states will lose in federal matching funds to cover 3.6 million of the nation’s uninsured.

Lynn Evans is a past Jackson School Board member and a regular contributing columnist.

Clarion Ledger