Favre’s brother: He “was beat to hell”

Brett Favre’s brother says the first order of business for the Vikings quarterback is to heal from the battering he took at the hands of the New Orleans Saints on Sunday.

“Right now he couldn’t swing (a golf club),” Scott Favre told the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “He was beat up physically and mentally. He was emotionally drained. Physically, he hurt both wrists, both ankles, one leg, head bruised. He was beat all to hell. That’s part of it.”

Scott Favre added that his brother flew home to Mississippi yesterday, and that he doesn’t plan to pester him about whether he’ll return to the Vikings next season.

“We’ll talk about at some point,” he said. “I’m not not going to bring it up and ask him what he’s doing because there’s no telling how many people have already asked him. But he’ll talk about it at some point.”

Scott said he doubts Brett has made a decision about whether to retire.

“No, I don’t think he has,” he said. “It’s such a tough loss that if he made a decision right now it wouldn’t be one with a clear mind I don’t think. I think he needs to get away from it. As beat up as he was emotionally, physically, he couldn’t make the right decision or a clear decision right then.”