Favre’s earned right to be Green Bay diva

There’s a good reason why superstars and high performers in companies are, for the most part, high maintenance: because they can be.

They’re superstars, after all. Their talent and/or value to the company is such that they get plenty of rope. They’ve got leverage. They can get away with things that others can’t. The low-level employees are the ones who can’t be late, or miss an assignment, or cop an attitude, or back-talk the boss, or bend the rules, mainly because they’re expendable. If they left, would the folks who sit in the glass offices notice, or even care?
Well, as you might have guessed, this has something to do with Brett Favre.
Winning a Super Bowl and three MVP awards and breathing life into the most historic franchise in the NFL has given Favre a license to behave like a diva. For a long time in Green Bay, not just the last few months, Favre has flexed his considerable muscle within the organization and has gotten almost everything he wanted.