Feb. 5 Sports Sound off: Finebaum afraid of smaller schools

How did they get more?
Auburn and Alabama had great recruiting classes, but what happened to the SEC rule where you could only sign 28 players? Auburn’s got 32 players listed in today’s paper while Alabama only has 26. Why is Auburn being allowed to cheat? Editor’s note: A number of Auburn and Alabama recruits were early enrollees, some of whom count toward the previous year’s recruiting class. Auburn had five early enrollees and Alabama had 11. Alabama actually signed 29 players.

Can’t compare the classes
You guys at the Press-Register can spin it any way you want to, but there’s no way Alabama’s class stacks up with Auburn. Alabama got the No. 1 player in the state of Alabama, but Auburn got the No. 1 player in the states of Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.