FEC seeking more info from McDaniel, Cochran

Receiving RFAIs is not uncommon, but that McDaniel has been asked for the same thing repeatedly is a bit disconcerting. It likely raises a red flag with the FEC. If nothing else, it points to either poor record-keeping or an inexperienced staff when it comes to filing FEC reports.

The Cochran campaign received the following two letters:

•On July 30 referencing the 12 Day Pre-Primary Report posted on May 22, saying it appears excessive contributions were made by three individuals and six PACs or committees.
•On July 30 referencing the 12 Day Pre-Runoff Report posted on June 12, saying they indicated “last minute” contributions but did not seem to file required 48-Hour Reports reflecting those contributions. It also asks for addresses and purposes for disbursements. The final items ask questions about three specific disbursement listings to credit card companies, for “Contract Labor” and for “Reimburse Expenses – Campaign Walkers.”

Cochran’s campaign received a RFAI in May as well, which has already been answered.

Clarion Ledger