Feds, former partner in battle

“Except for the amount of the settlement which he managed to eke out after Judge DeLaughter zeroed him out in state court, he was also defrauded of his claims in the U.S. District Court,” Wilson’s lawyers wrote. “The federal court case was settled for a pittance of what Wilson otherwise would have been entitled to in a constructive trust proceeding.”

The $1 million was given as a reward to Peters “for his role in the scheme to defraud Wilson,” they wrote.

They point to a sworn statement by Scruggs’ lawyer in the case, Joey Langston, who pleaded guilty to scheming to influence DeLaughter and is now serving three years in prison.

Langston said in his statement that Peters was part of a scheme to get DeLaughter to rule in Scruggs’ favor. He said Wilson should be the one to receive the $425,000.

Clarion Ledger