Feds try to help state hospitals

President Barack Obama’s administration officials are proposing rules to reduce the size of the cuts in federal funding to hospitals in states that do not expand Medicaid, such as Mississippi.

In those officials’ rules proposals to carry out the mandates of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the cuts in federal funds to treat people with no insurance, known as Disproportionate Share Hospital or DSH payments, would be administered in a way to reduce the size of the cuts to hospitals in states like Mississippi rejecting the Medicaid expansion.

Gwen Combs, vice president for policy for the Mississippi Hospital Association, said the cuts still would come, but their impact would be delayed for two years. Plus, she said that state hospitals still face other major cuts in federal funding because of provisions of the Affordable Care Act and other changes to federal law. She said that Hospital Association officials are still trying to determine the size of those other cuts.

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