The Democratic candidate for Attorney General in West Virginia, Doug Reynolds, has a commercial up that might look familiar to those watching the Supreme Court race in Mississippi’s Central District. The names have been changed, but the script is basically the same.

Doug Reynolds (D-WV):

They're Desperate from Reynolds for Attorney General on Vimeo.

Justice Jim Kitchens:

So, just who is writing the script for Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Jim Kitchens? As we mentioned in our last feature article on this Mississippi Supreme Court race Canal Media is doing the ads for Kitchens, and Chris Brimer, a partner at Canal Media, is the name of record on the ads for Doug Reynolds.

Canal Media has done work for lots of Democrats, not just Reynolds. In fact, Canal Media’s principals have been linked to the mystery firm that did media for Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. By “linked” we mean the partner in Bernie’s ad firm is the same person as a partner at Canal Media.

This could be problematic for Kitchens, who of course won’t find any Bernie lovers among Republicans in Mississippi or in the leadership of the Mississippi Democratic Party. Democrats lined up full force against Bernie in favor of Hillary Clinton early on in the Democratic Primary process.

Which brings us to Cristen Hemmins, Democratic nominee for Senate District 9 in 2015 (she was defeated by Republican Gray Tollison 60.4% to 39.6%).

She tweeted a quote, purportedly from Kitchens addressing the Mississippi Democrats County Chairs meeting on August 20 where she says he said, “By accident of birth, I look like a Republican. By grace of God, I am a Democrat.”

Apart from the obvious violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct such a statement would constitute, if he did in fact say it, we’re going to disagree with the premise: Kitchens looks very much like a Democrat:

The question remains, will Mississippi voters “feel the Bern” on the Supreme Court this November?