Feinberg talks with WLOX News about increased payments

BP claims administrator Ken Feinberg tells WLOX News that he will continue his efforts to be fair and equitable to all parties involved in the claims process. This week, Feinberg announced his office would now offer shrimpers, as well as crabbers and seafood processors, four times their documented losses.

In a phone conversation on The 4 O’clock Show, Feinberg was asked how his team came up with the four times claims formula. “We take all the information we have available, and try to figure out what is fair,” he told us.

Feinberg emphasized that anyone who so wishes, can still seek interim payments from the Gulf Coast Claims facility, and not accept any final payment.

We also asked if he felt as if he was being pressured in the claims process. “I am constantly pressured to do the right thing,” Feinberg said. “You know, the shrimpers, the crabbers, the oystermen and the GCCF, they all say we need to do more, and that they are still at risk. On the other hand, I get correspondence from BP, saying you should not give two times, or four times. In fact they say that two times is too much, the Gulf has recovered. So I get pressure from both every side. I do what I think is right.”