Fighting an Uphill Battle…Why Division I-AA and II Get The Cold Shoulder

What happened along the way?
Back in the “Good ole’ days,” we saw small schools being held in, actually, high regard when it came to college football. Grambling was respected, Alcorn State, Mississippi Valley State, Jackson State, etc.
Now, when someone mentions that a Division I-AA school did this (FCS? What? Stop with that.), or a Division II did that, the first response is “Who cares?”
I’ll tell you who cares.

Quick, name the alma maters of Steve McNair, Jerry Rice, and Walter Payton.
They were all named above.
Steve McNair, one of only a handful of college football players in history to pass for 10,000 career yards and rush for 3,000 career yards, attended Alcorn State and even made a run at a Heisman trophy.
Jerry Rice, without a doubt, isn’t even one of the top record holders in the history of college football, after he attended Mississippi Valley State.
Walter Payton, arguably the best running back to ever play the game, came from Jackson State.