Finding Bowden’s, Paterno’s place among all-time coaching legends

Last week, I fielded a question about Bobby Bowden’s 14 soon-to-be vacated wins, pending Florida State’s appeal. I expressed my belief that whatever the final result of the Bowden-Joe Paterno all-time victory chase may be, it will have little effect on either coach’s lasting legacy. This elicited an intriguing question from Mark Mills of Las Vegas.
Don’t you think that regardless of whether Joe Paterno or Bobby Bowden ends up with the most wins, neither will eclipse Bear Bryant as the biggest coaching legend of all time? If not the Bear, who do you think is the biggest name college football has seen?
The fact that this is even a viable conversation topic shows exactly why college football is so unique. In nearly every other sport, it seems like whatever happened most recently automatically trumps all previous history.