Finebaum: Les Miles is the SEC’s Turkey of the Year

Lane Kiffin, take a deep breath (if you can stop talking long enough) and exhale slowly.
Just like with the annual Thanksgiving turkey ceremony at The White House, you have been pardoned. No matter how goofy you have looked during your tumultuous tenure at Tennessee, your worst sins really aren’t that bad.
Les Miles — please pick up the white courtesy phone.
After Saturday’s meltdown against Ole Miss, Miles hasn’t merely stolen this year’s Turkey of the Year award from Kiffin, he has, perhaps, retired the trophy.

There is no need to recant chapter and verse all that went wrong Saturday in what was easily the dumbest and most inept coaching performance (from someone not named Mike Shula) I’ve ever seen in the SEC. Even Miles’ dog would probably admit that his master makes Bozo the Clown look intelligent. The issue really is no longer whether Miles can outrun his colossal blunder. The question is whether LSU administrators and fans will concede that this program has fallen and can’t get up.
Miles is a misfit. And Saturday proved that once again.
The people I really feel sorry for are the LSU fans.
They have intrepidly defended Miles after Nick Saban arrived in Tuscaloosa. They talked about how they had the right guy. When Miles won the national championship in 2007 (remember, he lost the regular-season home finale to Arkansas), the passion intensified and so did the trash talking directed toward Alabama.