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F’ing F (Freddie and Fannie)
I’ve called it Affirmative Action for Unqualified Buyers, but it just might be the largest leap into Socialism in our lifetime. The next building block to achieve the fall of Democracy is the Holy Grail of Socialism, and that’s socialized health care.
With Michelle already measuring for White House curtains and Harry Reid ready to lead a filibuster proof Senate, it may be closer than you think. As more people dig into this 400 page-plus Bill they’ll start shaking their collective heads on how did we ever get to this point.

And to make matters worse, the Democrats are joyously confirming that their lead in the polls because of the wipeout on Wall Street. They couldn’t ask for better timing of this financial disaster that cranked up the “Misery Index” on all Americans.

Finally, only in America could you have a political Party cause the problem, profit from the problem, blame the problem on someone else and then have the victims pay to get you out of the problem. Love’em or hate’em, you gotta give them credit for playing politics at the professional level. If only the Republicans could have seen it coming.

Palin/Biden Debate
I watched the post debate analysis on Fox with Brit Hume. I like Brit and hate to see him retire soon. That said, Hume made a statement that I can’t shake. I don’t remember the exact wording but it was something such as- Do you think people will accept Gov. Palin if she’s elected because of her dialect. She’s not like the rest of the people in Washington that socialize after hours. You know, she has that mid-western accent that some people here in Washington would find different.
hose are the words I heard. Here are the words I felt. Washington is no longer the people’s Capital; unless you come from Hollywood or Wall Street or Washington. If you have an accent other than theirs or value life or family or faith or patriotism or country music or picnics in the park or small towns or backyard gardens or John Deere tractors, you have no place being in Washington. The antidote for that type of thinking is comprised in one name-Gov. Sarah Palin. My fear is that if we fail in this election to choose someone who really represents the “average hard working, tax paying Joe” from small town America, we might not get another chance.

Wicker/Musgrove Debate
“The people who hate negative campaigns the most are the ones who lose the election!” Someone told me that a long time ago and I still believe it. After watching the debate, I wondered who this guy was up there taking on former Gov. Ronnie Musgrove. I’ve had Senator Wicker InDaHouse many times and he’s always been low key. During the debate, the retired Air Force officer came out with both guns blazing. As for whining about the negative ads, get over it. I’d much rather know about the candidate’s dirty laundry than listening to some perfunctory diatribe about solving global warming.

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