FireGeneTaylor Upset Over Steven Palazzo and Eminent Domain Abuse in Mississippi

Last week I learned that Steven Palazzo is running for Congress here in Mississippi’s 4th District. I was disappointed to learn of Palazzo’s vote against eminent domain reform in 2009. The people of Mississippi deserve to know where Steven Palazzo stands on the issue of property rights and eminent domain. Property owners who have been forced off their land by the powerful combined coercion of corporate and political alliances have a right to be heard. They have a right to have their side of the story told too; for tomorrow it could be your land the State of Mississippi targets for private development.

In last week’s email to his supporters Palazzo made the following statement: “I pledge to you that I will work day and night as your Congressman to ensure that the Bill of Rights and the principles espoused by our Founding Fathers are restored.” I am very curious how Palazzo plans to reconcile that statement with his desire to ensure that big developers and corporations have more rights to your property than you do.

Let this article stand as adequate proof that Palazzo, as a Mississippi State legislator, believes the state government has the right to use eminent domain to move property owners off their land, against their will, in order to give the land to private developers. Keep this in mind as we take note of who moves to endorse Palazzo and from where his financial contributions come.

Many in Mississippi were not aware that such abuses have occurred in this state – but they have and these abuses will continue. Palazzo has done his part to ensure that the State of Mississippi maintains the right to confiscate land (via eminent domain) for MMEIA projects such as the Nissan and Toyota plants.