From FireMcCoy…

It has been an exciting and interesting year since we launched our campaign to Fire McCoy and the Boys and clean Mississippi’s House of its liberal leadership.

Thanks to all of you who have read our website, provided us with information, attended our rallies and invited us to speak and share in your communities we have reached our goal in bringing conservative change to the Mississippi House – WE FIRED McCOY and HIS BOYS and WON THE HOUSE!

Mississippi will have a conservative Republican Speaker of the House for the first time since Reconstruction.

We appreciate all of the groups who caught our vision and helped expand our campaign throughout the year, especially the Move the House committee with the Mississippi Tea Party.

We started out as a voice crying in the wilderness, with only a few believing we could achieve our goal. We methodically did our research and called attention to the many liberal antics Democrats in Mississippi would have preferred stayed hidden from the public. We shed light on Mississippi Democratic politics and connected many dots. We changed the landscape of Mississippi politics.

Our efforts frustrated liberals in Mississippi and we’re proud to have made them nervous and uncomfortable. They now know who they associate with and what they do matters to the people of Mississippi. Many of you are now watching…and that’s great!

Thank you to the voters of Mississippi for helping us finish the job Tuesday. We have achieved our goal.

Now we must move from campaigning to governing. We must hold these conservatives accountable and ensure that they govern with principle and purpose.

We encourage you all to stay diligent and continue to fight for the conservative cause in every Mississippi community around that state. We must continue this effort and bring it to City Halls and County Courthouses if we are to see lasting conservative change.

Thank you all again for helping Fire McCoy and the Boys! WE DID IT… Because of YOU!

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