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PETTUS – Analysis: Remapping sets tone for coming decade

“Under the reign of Billy McCoy there’s no such thing as true bi-partisanship in Jackson,” the site says. “Partisan politics is the name of the game for McCoy where if you aren’t a member of the Speaker’s band of liberal merry men you are intentionally kept out of the loop.”

Sen. Hillman Frazier, D-Jackson, said this past week that Mississippi has a long and unpleasant history of people using racial code words to advance their own political agendas. Frazier, who is black, told his Senate colleagues that demagogues used “the N word” in the old days, later switching to phrases like “ultra liberal” to criticize white politicians they saw as too friendly to black people.

Frazier said “Billy McCoy” is becoming such a code phrase among some groups in the redistricting debate, and that’s very unfair. Frazier said McCoy has worked for decades to advance education and improve highways, helping all races.

“Billy McCoy is a decent individual,” Frazier said. “I hate to see him demonized in this process.”

The NAACP has filed a lawsuit in federal court to try to block elections in the current legislative districts that have been used for most of the past decade, saying the districts are not balanced by population. With just under two weeks remaining in the 2011 legislative session, it’s not at all clear whether lawmakers will finish drawing new districts in time for this year’s round of state elections.

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