From FireMcCoy…

One of the races many conservatives and liberals are watching closely this election cycle is over in House District 79. The seat is currently held by Democratic Rep. Bo Eaton. Republican Ron Swindall is seeking to unseat Eaton come November 8th.

Eaton, trying to hold on to the seat for his fellow liberal Democrats in the House, has come out swinging against Swindall, sending a number of attack pieces to voters. Given his campaign finance reports, it is obvious where his allegiances lie and why these hit pieces are going out to voters.

The Swindall camp has seemingly stayed their course and has continued to promote the differences between him as a conservative and Eaton’s liberal record.

Now comes a new website trying to dispel many of Eaton’s attacks. Interestingly enough, it is named for Eaton –

You have to wonder why the Eaton camp has not purchased this domain before now…

Nonetheless, Swindall backers address many of the attacks Eaton and his liberal supporters are slinging, complete with responses to mail piece accusations, Eaton’s campaign finance reports and a list of Eaton’s most interesting and questionable contributors.