According to the latest polling data in the House District 91 race between incumbent Democrat Bob Evans and Republican challenger Cindy Bryan, HD 91 could be a conservative pickup come November.

The poll, conducted by ROV Group, shows Bryan ahead by 9 points over Evans. Bryan is polling at 35% to Evans’ 26% with the other 39% still showing undecided. Forty-two percent of HD 91 identify themselves as Democrats, well less than a majority.

Jobs and the economy were the major vote influencers, according to the poll, with some 43%; healthcare was second (25%), followed by government spending (23%) and education (9%).

Democrats like Bob Evans cannot run from their party’s negative perceptions both in Mississippi and across the nation when it comes to the economy, healthcare and government spending. Liberals try to beat the education drum to tug on the heartstrings of voters yet as this poll shows, voters are not so easily duped by their antics. That’s not to say education isn’t important; it is, but Democrats are quick to jump on the education bandwagon when they are down and out, playing politics with our children’s futures. It is good to see that liberals like Evans won’t have such an easy go this election year with their usual talking points.

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