House District 111 Republican nominee Charles Busby sent a mail piece to voters Wednesday outlining current Democrat Rep. Brandon Jones’ voting record on a few bills, bills which Busby claimed Jones did not vote on.

Jones immediately fired off an email and posted a release on his website stating, “In a mail piece that arrived in mailboxes today, Mr. Busby falsely claims that I ignored several bills. The truth is that I have voted on every single bill mentioned in this misleading ad.”

The state’s liberal blog CottonMouth also rushed to Jones’ defense writing, “Well, that’s all fine and good to make those claims. Heck, Busby even went so far as to footnote the danged thing, almost daring the public to go look it up. Well, if you do actually go look it up, guess what you find out? Rep. Brandon Jones was there every…single…last…time.”

I’ve heard of revisionist history but give me a break!

Apparently both Brandon Jones and CottonMouth do not understand the legislative process and do not like to tell the whole truth.

Jones is correct in that he voted on each of the bills Busby questioned: SB 2628, SB 2746, and HB 1713, bills from the 2009 session. The problem for Jones is that he only voted for the McCoy led House version on SB 2628 and SB 2746 – HE DID NOT VOTE FOR THESE BILLS ON FINAL PASSAGE AFTER THEY CAME OUT OF CONFERENCE COMMITTEE. Jones did vote on final passage on HB 1713, but he was missing in action when it first hit the floor of the House.

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