Redistricting Gumbo: a dash of fact, a hint of rumor, and a cup full of “what ifs”

In a vastly conservative state like Mississippi and given the rise of the Republican Party during the Barbour years, having a redistricting plan so liberally drawn so as to protect incumbent Democratic legislators without giving any credence to the obvious political shift to the right is an affront to every citizen in Mississippi, whether Democrat or Republican, since the primary goal of redistricting is to ensure the ideal of one man, one vote. Party aside, redistricting is about giving citizens a voice and ensuring access to government; it’s about the people in these districts who expect and deserve a like minded representative in the legislature.

The recipe for redistricting under a true two party system can be like making gumbo (of course, politics in Mississippi has often been likened to the same Southern concoction). The public only gets a dash of the facts, a hint of rumor, and a cup full of “what ifs” – that makes one heck of a redistricting roux. Here are some points for you to ponder as we try to discover who the chef is in the redistricting kitchen:

Fire McCoy