In a blog post on his campaign website, Democratic Rep. John Mayo (HD 25) has come out adamantly opposed to the Personhood Initiative (26).

Mayo is one of the most liberal members of the state House and is being opposed by Republican Gene Alday in the upcoming general election.

Here’s what Mayo posted on his site opposing Personhood:

“I have said a couple of times about the abortion issue that Agnes and I are opposed to abortion and have told our girls (and we have 6) that we would take care of any unwanted children if they were contemplating something else.

“But, I would not take care of yours (those reading this) and therefore, as I see it, that decision is best left between you and your God and your conscience.

“On Amendment 26, the Personhood amendment, I am voting “no”. I simply do not favor any changes to our current rule of the nation. This amendment is put forth to directly challenge Roe v Wade at the Supreme Court level…”

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