First time the BCS top three started outside the preseason top 10

It’s almost as if 2007 never ended.

The first eight weeks of the 2008 season have provided enough upsets and surprises that, for the first time in BCS history (since 1998), the top three teams in the initial BCS standings all came from outside of the AP’s preseason top 10.
No. 1 Texas (7-0), No. 2 Alabama (7-0) and No. 3 Penn State (8-0) may be traditional college football powers, but they weren’t considered by many people to be national title contenders before this season began. The Longhorns started 11th in the AP poll, the Crimson Tide were 24th, and the Nittany Lions began at No. 22.
The only other teams still unbeaten among the major conferences are No. 6 Oklahoma State and No. 8 Texas Tech, which started the season unranked and 12th, respectively, in the AP poll. The Cowboys didn’t even appear on a single preseason ballot.
So if 2008 is merely an extension of 2007, we should all know better than to take this week’s initial BCS standings too seriously. LSU was the highest-ranked one-loss team (fourth) in the initial standings last season, and it lost again in late November and still ended up in the championship game. South Florida and Boston College were both in the top three at this time last year, and neither was even in the top 12 of the final standings.