Fitzgerald’s Dad Has Him Covered

Usually it was on Saturdays when Larry Fitzgerald took his two boys to work with him. Fitz was (and still is) a sportswriter and radio talk show host in Minneapolis, so going to work meant to a North Stars skate, Twins game or Vikings practice. Little Larry, who was about 8 at the time, and younger brother Marcus were ridiculously well behaved because Big Larry and Carol didn’t tolerate any foolishness. But still they were curious, active little boys.

So even though Big Larry would inevitably tell his sons, “Sit right there, watch practice, and don’t move,” he’d sometimes come back and find they were gone. Young Larry might be running a pass route or learning how to get his hands out in front of his body to catch the football.

Big Larry could not have known then that he’d become the most envied sportswriter in America among his peers. Like a lot of us, Big Larry played some ball when he was young, in his case football at a junior college in Iowa and then at Indiana State University.