Five teams moving ahead and five in reverse
It was one of those gorgeous sun-splashed spring days, that anticipated moment that makes you forget weeks of shoveling snow. And think about new beginnings.
At a time when many teams simply are sharpening skills, Nebraska was redefining itself with new coach Bo Pelini. More specifically, finding a personality.

“The process is well under way,” Pelini says. “But it’s not nearly finished.”

Compared with where the process was last fall in Lincoln, the Huskers have made bigger strides than any team this spring. How bad was the dysfunction? Consider this anecdote:

Former coach Bill Callahan was obsessive about his offense; he made the game plan and called the plays. Sources say before the Texas game — and at the height of Nebraska’s failures — Callahan let his assistants build the game plan and said he wouldn’t call one play.