Parties Switch Roles Over Possible U.S. Sale of New Deal TVA

It seems like an idea all Republicans would love: the U.S. sells the largest federally owned power company, paying down debt and ending a project begun at the height of the New Deal’s government expansion.

Instead, President Barack Obama’s announcement in his budget that he wants to explore the sale of the Tennessee Valley Authority (3015A) is attracting skepticism from lawmakers of both parties — especially those who represent areas served by the utility, created by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1933 to electrify the rural Southeast.

With that mission long accomplished, Republicans in Congress who favor smaller government should be pushing to sell the TVA, as President Ronald Reagan proposed during his administration two decades ago, said Mike McKenna, a Republican strategist and lobbyist who runs MWR Strategies Inc. based in Midlothian, Virginia.


hattip – Instapundit