Greenwood Commonwealth – Editorial: Let’s see Hood lead by example

The nerve of some Mississippi officeholders to push for tightening up laws they themselves are skirting is astounding.

So it is with Attorney General Jim Hood, who this legislative session is teaming up with Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann in encouraging state lawmakers to require the itemization of expenses charged to campaign credit cards…

…Among the biggest practitioners of this hiding game is Hood himself. According to a recently published expose’ by The Clarion Ledger on Mississippi politicians’ questionable use of campaign funds, Hood paid himself and two campaign credit cards more than $268,000 over nearly four years, including during off-election years. Hood has refused to give an accounting of that money, other than to say he is complying with all state laws and that he is playing all applicable taxes if any of the money is used for his personal benefit….

…If Hood were really interested in campaign-finance reform, he would do more than just propose a new law. He’d lead by example, voluntarirly turning over his campaign credit card statements and itemizing the expenditures on them and those reimbursed to himself. The attorney general refused to do so when challenged about it by his re-election opponent last year.

Greenwood Commonwealth